Leicester Active CIC

Child enjoying arts and crafts

Since our business started, we’ve been working hard to ensure the children we work with experience the best outcomes. We’re committed to ensuring children have a safe environment to play, take part in sports, make new friends and learn about positive nutrition whilst being provided with high-quality, healthy and nutritious meals. 

As a result of the non-profit work we do and the amount of charitable work we’re involved with, we have decided to incorporate a community interest company (CIC) which is specifically concerned with furthering our positive community impact through charitable work including opening a food bank in the West End of Leicester and funding places across out sports and physical activities. Active Leicester CIC wants to engage children and young people, and adults with disabilities, in quality sport and physical activity and nutrition education whilst reducing food poverty across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Part of our efforts has meant that we have had to invest a lot of money and resources into covering the costs associated with improving outcomes and the quality of life of children and promoting their wellbeing, this has included funding places on our holiday, activity and food programs who would otherwise be ineligible and funding free places on our sports and activities.

We’ve hosted several projects, both paid and free with the intention of widening our community impact within Leicester and Leicestershire from large family events including Hunted to smaller events such as our Fortnite NERF Gun festivals! Our most recent Fortnite event was hosted at the WKD Hathern Festival where we worked alongside several amazing organisations to deliver free children’s activities so children could have an amazing time and maintain engagement in physical activity. We’ve also hosted several free dodgeball events at the Braunstone Town Council Summer Fair in Blaby and Friends of Brownlow Primary School Summer Fete where hundreds of children had an opportunity to experience new sports experiences they previously wouldn’t have been able to access except for in an organised, competitive setting or rigorous school sports setting such as a PE lesson. All of our activities are predominantly focused on having FUN but as an organisation, both Leicester Active CIC and A Hill Sport LTD have a mission to improve the lives of one million people per week and it’s only through positive actions such as these and building amazing relationships with other organisations and groups which will help us achieve this goal.

Child feeling great sense of accomplishment


In January 2022, we started measuring the impact A Hill Sport LTD has had which we will build upon as Active Leicester CIC. So far, we have:

  • MEALS: We have provided 852 nutritious meals to children.
  • NUTRITION EDUCATION: We have delivered 228 hours of free nutrition education to children and families.
  • SIGNPOSTING & REFERRALS: We have signposted or referred more than 36 families to additional support, advice or other services that will promote a positive environment for children’s development whether it be financial or debt advice, benefits and welfare advice, drug and alcohol support, support relating to domestic violence and other forms of abuse, healthcare and special educational needs and more.
  • FUNDED PLACES: We have funded more than 120 places for children who did not receive local authority funding on our holiday, activity and food programs and more than 80 places for our sports and other activities for children whose parents otherwise didn’t have the financial means to access the services.

Data collected from January 2022 to present and includes data from both Leicester Active CIC and A Hill Sport LTD.

Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibility very seriously. Next to safeguarding children and vulnerable people, social responsibility is one of our highest priorities. We are a business that’s committed to improving our communities and this includes contributing to our local economy, hiring local talent, creating jobs and improving our own long-term sustainability (yes, that includes taking care of our planet so that future generations and the children of today don’t experience a world that’s negatively impacted in the future by our decisions today)! 

Children eating sandwiches

We’ve worked with schools, local authorities, event organisers and other organisations to ensure people have access to high-quality movement activities, and food and nutrition education and we’re not stopping there. There are lots of plans in the works to open a food bank in the West End of Leicester and find ways to improve the sports and physical activity opportunities to disadvantaged children across Leicester and Leicestershire.

We’re keen to hear from organisations who are committed to improving the lives of those in our communities too, who want to work together to foster an environment that is safe and stimulating for children to play and develop and experience the best outcomes in life regardless of financial or social backgrounds, disability, race, sexuality or class.