The links below will direct you to the relevant terms and conditions relating to the use of the website and attending our sessions. By using our website or attending our sessions, completing forms or taking other relevant actions, you agree to be bound by the relevant terms below. At all times, we exercise our discretion as to how and when we enforce the following policies except where otherwise stated. It is the customer’s/website user’s responsibility to regularly review these terms and conditions as they are subject to change without prior notice. It is the customer/website user’s responsibility to regularly check policies for updates. No liability is accepted if a customer has failed to keep up to date with relevant changes. All policies will include a date in which the policy was last updated or reviewed.

Please note: A Hill Sport LTD, trading as Altsport and Active Future Leicester or any variation of the same, including but not limited to specific products/services, are not obliged to adopt the same policies as other franchisees in the network, each of which is an independent company licensed to operate under the Active Future name.

Policies, Terms & Conditions


Please note, that if a policy is under review, it may be taken down from our website during this period to save confusion. During this time, general policies will apply.