Parties Terms & Conditions

Reviewed: February 2022

We want to make sure you have an amazing time when asking us to host a party for you whether this is a birthday party, wedding event or corporate gig. These terms and conditions outline the policies we adhere to when hosting an event and primarily govern payments, cancellations and any other special terms we need to respect. Please note, these terms and conditions apply alongside other such relevant terms which can be found here.

Payments & Deposits

When you book a party with us, we will request a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the value of the event except where otherwise agreed before we can start planning and preparing for the event. The remaining balance will be due prior to the event taking place and no event will commence without the full payment being received.

If you have requested we manage the venue booking, please read our venue booking terms below.

Venue Booking

If you ask us to locate and/or book a venue on your behalf, you will be responsible for paying any fees associated with that hire and agree to be bound by that venue’s terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to review such terms and conditions prior to approving the venue.

If the venue cancels the booking for reasons beyond our control, we will do everything we can to reschedule the event at an alternative venue however, where this is not possible the same cancellation terms as below will apply. You will be refunded or expected to pay any difference in venue booking fees where this occurs.


If you require cancellation, you will forfeit your full deposit plus any costs associated with venue hire.

If you cancel your booking within 28 days of the commencement date of your event, the full amount will be due on or before the planned date.

If you request to reschedule your event, an administration charge of £75 will be due. You may also be required to pay extra for venue hire if we are unable to reschedule the date with the proposed venue. Please note: If the venue cannot reschedule your booking and no suitable alternative venue is available, the booking will be cancelled and the above terms will apply as though you cancelled the venue. We exercise our discretion in relation to rescheduling requests and all requests will be dealt with on a case by case basis and will factor into consideration such things as staff and venue availability.

In the unlikely event that we cancel the booking, you will be provided with a full reason and immediately issued a full refund unless we can agree to reschedule the booking.

Withdrawal of Service / Termination

If any of our terms and conditions are breached or if there are serious concerns of health and safety, poor conduct, abusive behaviour or other reasons not listed which cannot be remedied, we reserve the right to withdraw or terminate our service immediately, if this occurs during the event then any monies paid will be forfeited.

If there are serious incidents between guests attending the event, such as physical violence between children or adults, damage to property and other reasons not listed, we may ask that these individuals leave or are removed from the event. Should they refuse to comply for any reason, we reserve the right to withdraw our services immediately.

Equipment and Supplies

All equipment presented as part of the party package is on a “for hire” basis and the payment of any booking fees, including but not limited to decorations, inflatable equipment, party supplies, etc does not constitute a contract of sale of goods. At all times, any equipment unless otherwise formally agreed in writing will remain the property of A Hill Sport LTD and our partners.

If there is a cause for concern relating to equipment being abused or damaged, we reserve the right to withdraw the equipment immediately and no reimbursement for the same will be made. Any equipment that is damaged during, before or after the event caused by the customer or their guests will be the liability of the customer to reimburse us at a cost equivalent to that which we would incur in replacing the damaged property.


As part of our service, you may wish to purchase an all-inclusive package that includes catering. The pricing for this is based on no special accommodations relating to allergies, dietary needs, substitutes, etc. Where such special accommodations are required, the costs may fluctuate based on those requirements.

It is the customers’ responsibility at all times to ensure that all allergens, dietary needs (including those of a religious or cultural nature) are informed to us prior to arranging catering services with us. Failure to do so may result in us being unable to accommodate such needs. We accept no liability for illness or offence resulting from our catering services where you have failed to provide material information expected to be provided to us as part of the instruction of service.

Where no special accommodations are requested, it will be the customers’ responsibility to ensure those who may have special dietary requirements as described above are only permitted to consume food that complies with those requirements.

We are unable to guarantee that the food supplied as part of our catering service is produced in an area away from other foods containing common allergens or which may not conform to an individual’s dietary needs. This does not apply to halal or kosher foods; whilst we are not halal or kosha certified, we do source halal and kosher foods from suppliers who are halal-certified.

Any costs associated with catering are non-refundable and all food is non-returnable; this does not affect your statutory rights.