Are you ready, fugitive? You’re going on the run!

Hunted Leicester is coming to a forest near you! Recreating the hit TV series on Channel 4, Hunted, utilising our partnership with Forestry England, your objective is to evade capture for the duration of the hunt and make it to the extraction point.

There are tasks for you to complete with food drops to keep you energised and hydrated throughout the day. If you evade capture and reach the extraction point ahead of anyone having completed all tasks, you might even win a cash prize. You have a 30-minute head start, design your tactics, plan your strategy and escape before the hunt begins! Can you stay ahead of them? You need to grab your friends, decide on a strategy and await the starting horn. When it blows, you get a 30-minute head start before our hunter force tracks you down to capture you. Do you evade the hunter force and keep moving or take cover and hide? Can you complete the tasks in time to reach the evac-point ready for extraction? Your handler will stay in touch with you at all times before and during the event but they’re the only person you should trust! Who knows who is a spy, feeding back intel to the hunter force on your whereabouts. Can you get in and out without being captured? If you have not been caught towards the end of the event you will receive the location of your extraction point. Can you make it out without being caught or will the hunter force work out where the extraction point is?

The event is held over a large wooded area with plenty of cover and plenty of places to hide and stay safe, with food drops to keep you energised and hydrated.

To take part you must be a minimum of 12 years old and anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. You must be in a minimum group of 2 to take part and a maximum group of 10 (although larger groups can simply split up).

Whilst evading capture you must stay in a minimum group size of 2. A full safety and rules procedure will be given prior to the start of the hunt. There are lots of inherent risks when taking part. Whilst full risk assessments have been undertaken there is the chance of falling over, branches falling from trees, getting wet and muddy to name a few and there is a likelihood that some will leave with bumps and scrapes and other war wounds. Good luck and stay safe!

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