What we do

Alt Sport, operating under the brand Active Future (Leicester) are Leicester and Leicestershire’s latest physical activity and sports initiative encouraging participation amongst children and adults of all ages, needs and abilities! Our mission is to instil a love of sport and activity and encourage life-long participation, promoting healthy lifestyles regardless of the challenges we face in our day to day lives.

We work with many organisations to deliver sessions that promote personal development and sports cohesion led by highly experienced, qualified coaches; providing a service to the general public, we also support schools, local authorities, charities and other organisations to improve their provision of sport, physical education and sport provision in a way that is universally accessible and affordable. By doing so, we improve the lives of those we serve long-term.

Creating opportunities for a diverse range of people in an effort to encourage lifelong participation in sport and activity, instilling a love of movement and changing lives, Active Future’s mission is to improve the lives of one million children per week. Together, we do this by delivering less-traditional sports sessions with less of a focus on individual competition and a greater focus on sportsmanship, enjoyment and cohesion.

We enable children and adults to develop more active and healthy lifestyles in a way that is backed by science and evidence, in a way that is sustainable long-term by creating a culture of participation for individuals, families and the communities we serve.

Working with a range of organisations, including local authorities, schools, charities and private enterprises, we deliver activity sessions across Leicester and Leicestershire including Hunted, Fortnite Nerf Wars, dodgeball, futsal, boccia, seated volleyball and other alternative sports. We also operate Fortnite, FIFA and Hunted themed parties for ages 6 and up!