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What is Boxercise?

Boxercise is a great way to keep fit, improve general health and well-being and have tonnes of fun whilst utilising the same training methods and similar techniques used by professional boxers.

Boxercise sessions usually involve hitting focus pads and learning different punching and movement techniques but is different from boxing in that Boxercise is a non-contact sport for people who want to take part in a fun, challenging and safe workout that’s great for relieving stress and that’s accessible for all ages, fitness levels and abilities.

Led by experienced coaches, our Boxercise sessions in Leicester and Leicestershire have something available to suit you whether you’re an absolute novice to a pro athlete. We adapt the age-old art of boxing to deliver Boxercise in a safe, fun and inclusive environment. All of our Boxercise coaches are licensed to use the Boxercise trademark.

What are the benefits of boxercise?

Boxercise has many benefits. Not only is it really fun but because it focuses on expending energy, it’s a great way to lose body fat and keep in shape and hit weight loss goals. It also offers an amazing opportunity to make new friends with like-minded people whilst increasing mental agility, coordination and improving stamina! Our sessions are designed in a way that strengthens muscles, raises core strength and offers a supportive environment regardless of your skill level!

Boxercise is different to boxing in that it is purely an exercise form; this fun way to burn calories and maintain movement and agility is different to boxing because in boxing, we want to conserve energy but in Boxercise, we want to expend energy. This is great for losing weight, burning body fat, improving our overall fitness and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Our licensed coaches have years of experience working with clients who want to lead healthier, active lifestyles with a range of fitness goals from losing weight, burning fat and building muscle as well as people who just want to have a great time, meet new people, make new friends and do something new!

Register for Boxercise in Leicester or Leicestershire

Use the form below to express an interest and register for our Boxercise sessions in Leicester and Leicestershire.

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Where do we train?

We currently run Boxercise in Leicester and Boxercise in Melton Mowbray with more areas opening soon. If you’d like to see us open a weekly Boxercise session in your area, don’t hesitate to get in touch to let us know. 

Boxercise in Leicester

We have Boxercise sessions across Leicester from Braunstone to Thurmaston, Beaumont Leys to Hamilton and even in the city centre. Find out where we train by completing our expression of interest form above! 

You can jump on our Boxercise sessions for adults in Leicester City Centre at 6pm to 7pm every Tuesday at Leicester YMCA, just over the road from the train station! You’ll be training in an environment that’s safe where you can have tonnes of fun! Our Boxercise sessions at Leicester YMCA are designed for all adults regardless of their fitness ability or experience, from absolute beginners to seasoned pros!

Boxercise in Melton Mowbray

Our boxercise sessions in Melton Mowbray are launching soon and will be a great hit for adults and children of all ages. Taking place on Thursday evenings at Space2B Studios on George Street at 7pm to 8pm, you’ll be training in a great environment with a fully equipped studio for drills, self-monitoring and improvement and tonnes of fun!

Boxercise in Loughborough

Our Boxercise sessions in Loughborough are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities from complete beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. Taking place at Charnwood College on Thorpe Hill in Loughborough every Monday evening at 7pm to 8pm, you’re sure to train in an environment that’s right for you, safe and tonnes of fun!  Sessions for children will be available soon!

Boxercise in Desford

Our Boxercise sessions in Desford are suitable for all adults regardless of their ability or level of fitness. They take place every Tuesday at 7pm to 8pm. You’ll be training in a safe environment where we will learn together and develop our own support network to help one another achieve our fitness goals whilst having loads of fun! Sessions for children will be available soon!

Boxercise for Weight Loss

Boxercise is an amazing way to lose weight and burn body fat because it focuses on calorie expenditure through movement and exercise by using large muscle groups that use lots of energy. Obesity is a leading cause of heart disease and by taking part in a sport like Boxercise, you’re able to combat and reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. We run weekly Boxercise sessions across Leicester and Leicestershire but if you’re committed to greatly improving your health, reducing body fat, losing weight and achieving your optimal fitness goals, you might want to join us on one of our intensive six or twelve-weekly boot camps.

Boxercise Bootcamp

Our six-week and twelve-week Boxercise Bootcamp is an intensive two hour a week group workout programme designed to maximise calorie expenditure for the purposes of losing weight and burning body fat which will teach you the basics of Boxercise, consider nutrition for active, healthy lifestyles take part in high-intensity Boxercise circuits using the same training systems pro athlete boxers use to get to peak performance before a big fight whilst reaching the required weight-class. You’ll also have three access to any of our regular weekly Boxercise sessions. You’ll learn critical skills including how to jump rope, jab, hook and uppercut safely, move with optimal efficiency, speed and accuracy, and use equipment safely. You’ll also benefit from a core support network where we will help each other to reach our goals together, monitor our progress and make lasting friendships in a safe environment that’s free from judgement or prejudice. Open to all skill levels from absolute beginner to seasoned athlete.

Boxercise for weight loss in Leicester and Leicestershire

Boxercise for Kids

Our licensed coaches are qualified Boxercise for Kids instructors too, this means we can introduce the whole family to Boxercise and have fun together whilst keeping fit and active.  Please make sure that the sessions you want to bring your children to are suitable for children or whether they are being marketed as family sessions. Children are not permitted to take part in adult-only Boxercise sessions. 

Boxercise in Schools

Our licensed coaches already work with several schools across Leicester and Leicestershire delivering sports and activities for their pupils and helping to improve the provision of PE within schools. We work with primary and secondary schools, as well as sixth-form colleges and universities. If you’d like to talk about how we can improve the provision of sports, physical activity and PE in your school and to take advantage of some of our free taster programmes, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the details on our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re often asked a range of similar questions by our customers before they join us. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed these frequently asked questions below to save you time and to let you know exactly what to expect when you join our boxercise sessions in Leicester and Leicestershire.

What does boxercise involve?

Boxercise is an exercise class based on the training concepts used by professional and amateur boxers to keep fit. Classes run in a variety of formats including circuits, beasting, group sparring, Kickboxercise and more and will include a range of physical activities such as skipping, shadow boxing, kicking punchbags or strike pads, press-ups, shuttle runs, sit ups and padwork. It’s a great way to reduce stress and improve aerobic capacity and muscle structure. It’s suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy boxing training without the combative nature of the sport of boxing. Boxercise provides a safe environment for adults and children to take part in a diverse workout and enhance sport specific senses, including hand-eye coordination, balance, timing and reaction speeds. Boxercise classes are fun, full of energy and addictive! 

Our Boxercise sessions are led by fully trained, licensed coaches and combine aerobic and anaerobic energy systems which are critical for improving fitness, toning muscle, burning body fat and making you feel great!

What will I learn?

When you come to our Boxercise sessions across Leicester and Leicestershire, you’ll learn a tonne of new skills including how to throw a jab, head and body hooks, and uppercuts. You’ll also learn how to correctly hold and use pads and how to skip rope. We’ll also teach you the correct way to wrap your hands to minimise the risk of injury and maximise your wrist stability and prevent pain when punching. On some of our advanced sessions, including our sessions which are designed to lose weight and burn body fat, you’ll learn about nutrition and its impact on exercise and overall fitness. You’ll learn about different muscle groups and which ones expend the most amount of energy to burn the most calories and, most of all, you’ll learn all of this with the correct techniques in a safe environment.

How is Boxercise different to boxing?

Boxercise takes a lot of inspiration from boxing but differs in some significant ways. Boxing is a contact sport whilst Boxercise is predominantly non-contact. In boxing, boxers want to conserve energy to be able to maintain strength and endurance for several rounds whilst Boxercise is designed to use large amounts of energy for the purposes of maintaining and improving fitness. Therefore, some of the techniques in boxing are adapted to maximise this function. Boxercise is a fantastic way for everyone, including boxers and those with zero boxing experience, to maintain fitness and learn new skills.

Boxercise is fully inclusive and can be adapted to anybody regardless of ability or lifestyle. Provided you’re willing to take part, stay active and have fun, Boxercise can be for you.

What do I need to bring with me?

Our Boxercise sessions are very active and it’s so important for you to remain hydrated throughout the session so bringing a bottle of water is crucial! You’ll also want to make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing, including trainers; no jeans, work shoes or steel toe-capped boots allowed! You might also want to bring a small towel with you. We will provide all the other kit you need and there will be opportunities to purchase your own kit should you wish to do so.

Do I need boxing gloves, focus pads and hand wraps?

All of our Boxercise sessions include some padwork which will require boxing gloves or bag mitts and focus pads. And whilst we don’t require hand wraps, we do recommend them for increased wrist stability and injury risk reduction. We will provide all the equipment you will need which is cleaned and sanitised before each session, including skipping ropes but we also offer you an opportunity to purchase your own kit from us so you don’t have to worry about sharing equipment.

How much does Boxercise cost?

Our Boxercise classes vary in price depending on the programme you join. As a rule of thumb, you can join our weekly sessions for £30 per month but discounts are available for couples and families. Our Boxercise Boot Camps cost £55 (6 weeks) to £95 (12 weeks), and the increase in cost covers the ongoing costs of support; there are no discounts available for couples or families on our Boot Camps. Children’s Boxercise is £28 per month and sibling discounts are available. Our Pay As You Go (PayG) option costs £10 per session, however, you will still be required to register to ensure there is space available on the programme; participants who use PayG are not guaranteed a place on our session every week so please check availability prior to attending. These prices are subject to change so please check our fee tables prior to joining.