Boxercise Terms and Conditions

Updated: June 2022

These terms and conditions are copied from our most recent Terms and Conditions Membership form. When you join Boxercise by A Hill Sport LTD, you will be provided with a copy of these terms. These terms and conditions are provided here as a reference for you. By completing our Boxercise registration form and accepting your taster session, you agree to be bound by these terms.

These terms and conditions apply to your purchase of all Boxercise sessions. Please make sure you read these terms and conditions carefully.

  • These terms and conditions form part of your agreement with A Hill Sport LTD and are to be used in conjunction with our terms and conditions which can be found at
  • This document sets out the terms which you agree to by undertaking our Boxercise program(s). Where these terms contradict with other terms and conditions set out in the link above, these terms and conditions take precedence.

Purchasing Sessions and Bookings

  • Session purchases can be made by request in writing, this includes variations and cancellations. Otherwise, they can be made directly with your trainer who will contact you directly to confirm session dates in writing.
  • Boxercise programs are designed on a scheduled session basis and operate as a membership scheme. Memberships are charged at a monthly rate payable in advance.


  • Payments must be made in full at the start of each month and can be made by card payment, direct deposit or by direct debit. Your preferred payment method will be discussed and confirmed in writing. Where they are not confirmed in writing, you will be responsible for making payment by direct deposit to the account details you will find on your invoice.
  • All payments must be made in advance and in full prior to any sessions being undertaken. This excludes the initial taster session where a taster session is offered; please see the terms and conditions pertaining to taster sessions.
  • If you make payment for your sessions in person by card payment, you may elect to receive a receipt, either printed subject to availability, by email or by SMS. Where a receipt is not available, one will be provided at our earliest reasonable opportunity. If you make payment online, you should retain a copy of the order confirmation for your records.
  • Direct debit is available for our program memberships and for recurring sessions. You may elect to pay for either by direct debit but please be mindful that for regular sessions, your direct debit agreement constitute a commitment to undertake the sessions you have paid the direct debit for and except where we have cancelled sessions (please see our Cancellation terms and conditions), there will be no right to refund for customer cancellations.
  • We cannot carry over any missed sessions to any other period of time in the future. For the avoidance of doubt, if you miss or cancel any sessions, these will not be substituted for sessions in the future; all future sessions will remain payable as normal.
  • There is a 1-month minimum commitment to all direct debit purchases; this means you must purchase 1-month of sessions as a minimum.
  • For regular, non-membership based direct debit payments, you will be committed to ongoing sessions and we require one month’s written notice is required to cancel your commitment to ongoing sessions.
  • Invoices are produced 7 days prior to your due date and payments are collected on or within 14 days after the due date. You will be responsible for ensuring funds are available in your account if you pay by direct debit to save any risk of charges from your banking provider.

Membership Terms

  • If you join a program which requires a membership, you will be charged on a monthly basis for the duration of your membership. Each membership costs a set fee split over the term of your membership with each payment being charged monthly. Memberships are typically 12 months unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, the remaining balance of the membership term will become payable in full immediately. There will be no refunds offered for any kit purchased.
  • If we cancel your membership, except where a breach of terms has occurred, no further payments will be taken.
    • Where a breach of terms has occurred, you will be required to pay the remaining balance of your membership in full immediately.

Session/Membership Cancellation

  • Except in the event of extenuating circumstances beyond our control, if we fail to provide 24 hours’ prior to notice of any cancellation, you will be able to elect to move the session to an alternative date that suits you and A Hill Sport LTD.
  • There will be no right to refund if you cancel a session within 7 days. Where a cancellation request is made with more than 7 days notice, the request will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be permitted to be rescheduled for a later date.
    • In the case of certain programmes, an additional charge may be applied for one-to-one sessions to cover any missed lessons.
  • If a program which you are paying a membership subscription for is cancelled, you will be invited to continue your membership at an alternative venue should one be available that is mutually convenient.
    • If a venue is not mutually convenient, no further payment will be taken and you will be permitted to exit your membership without any further payment being taken.
  • Program cancellations will be informed to you in writing.
  • You may pause your membership should you suffer from serious illness or pregnancy, you must inform us in writing of any circumstance which requires you to pause your membership with us and you will be required to provide evidence from a medical professional confirming the same. You may pause your membership for up to 12 calendar months after which time payments will be expected to resume.
  • If you become terminally ill or suffer a long-term disability which prevents you from taking part which has no expectation of improvement within 12 months, you will be permitted to cancel future programmes and/or your membership without further payments being made. The remaining balance of any membership will be waived. Evidence from a medical professional will be required and subject to verification. You must make us aware within two weeks of the illness or disability presenting or within two weeks of the illness or disability incapacitating you from taking part. Failing to do so will result in the full membership falling due.
  • If you elect to pay per session, you may risk being placed on a waiting list at any time in the event another individual wishes to pay on an ongoing basis or opts to purchase a membership. Only those committed to attending weekly sessions or purchasing a membership will be granted priority to session allocations.

Late starts and Missed Sessions

  • If your training starts more than 10 minutes late, you will be entitled to undertake a free training session at a mutually agreeable time, either on a one-to-one basis or on a group basis; the appropriate option will be selected by the trainer at their discretion.
  • If you arrive late to a session, the time you arrive late by will not be made up. You also risk not being permitted to take part in the session if it is expected to cause significant disruption, in this case, no refund will be made.
  • If you miss more than four consecutive sessions without prior notification, you will be deemed to have ceased your intention to continue attending the sessions and your place on our programme may be offered to somebody else, where this occurs, you will be required to formally request to rejoin the sessions and may be subject to being placed on a waiting list.
  • If you are enrolled onto a membership program, any sessions you miss will not be refunded or adjusted from your invoice. You will be expected to maintain payments as normal. If you miss more than four consecutive sessions, you will be found to be in breach of terms and you will risk your membership being cancelled in line with the terms above and the full cost of your membership will be due for the remaining period of your membership and any overdue amounts accrued until this point.

Injuries & Illness

  • You must inform us if you are suffering from a recent injury or illness before taking part in any of our sessions. Injury or illness does not automatically grant a right to refund. You may be permitted to attend an alternative session if your injury or illness prevents us from allowing you to take part in the session on a given day.
  • No liability is accepted for any illness or injury which is made worse by you choosing to take part in sessions.
  • No liability is accepted for any illness or injury suffered during any session you take part in. It is understood that injury risk is present in any physical activity and you must take care to not suffer any injury. You will be trained on all relevant safety points at various times throughout the program; if you miss any of our sessions and therefore miss any safety points identified to the group and you agree to accept full liability for any injury incurred as a result of your failure to attend those sessions.
  • If you suffer an injury at one of our sessions, you will be offered first-aid and if the injury is too severe for you to safely continue training, you will be asked to leave or an ambulance may be called if urgent care is required; there will be no refund offered in this occurrence.

Taster Sessions

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with our other terms and conditions relating to taster sessions. When we allocate taster sessions, it takes away the opportunity from another person to attend the taster session and if you fail to attend your taster session, it costs us money and takes away an amazing opportunity for other people. These conditions are intended to protect our commercial interests and the interests of you and other customers.

  • If you are invited to a taster session and accept your invite, you must attend your taster session at the agreed venue at the agreed time on the agreed date.
  • If you fail to attend the taster session, you agree to pay an administration charge of £35.
  • If you fail to attend a taster session, no future taster session will be permitted.
  • You may choose to substitute your taster session for another time, date or venue provided at least 48 hours notice is provided.
  • If after your taster session you wish to continue attending our sessions, you are committed to pay for future sessions at the charges set out below. Upon attending your second session, you will be forming an agreement with us to pay for your sessions as set out below, whichever is most relevant to the program or sessions you are attending. If the program is designed on a membership basis, then you will be agreeing to the membership agreement below.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, by attending your second session, you will be demonstrating intention, acceptance and consideration for the terms outlined below irrespective of whether this agreement has been signed.

Membership Agreement

If this box is ticked, you are agreeing to purchase a membership as set out below. If the box isn’t ticked, you will be expected to attend sessions in line with the terms and conditions set out above not relating to memberships.

[  ] You have agreed to a membership term of ________________ at a cost of £______ per month. To ascertain the total cost of your membership, multiply the term by the cost per month. Illustrative example; if you agree to a term of 12 months at a cost of £30 per month, your total cost of membership will be £30 multiplied by 12 = £360

If you have not agreed to a membership, you will pay £_______ per _________ (week/month/session) on a _______________ (pay per session/ongoing) basis.

Please note: If you are signing up online via the website, by confirming your agreement to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to these terms and will be charged at an amount and frequency as determined at the end of your taster session. This will typically equate to a monthly payment equivalent to the first payment taken unless otherwise stated in writing.


Signed: ____________________ (Customer)     Date: ________________


Signed: ____________________ (Trainer*)       Date: ________________

*Signed on behalf of A Hill Sport LTD